Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life is Really Getting in the Way of My Reading

Hurray!! I finally got my copy of Silver Phoenix! However I've got about a third left to go in Charles de Lint's Spirits in the Wires so I want to finish that first before I dive into Phoenix. Alas! Paste up is severely limiting my reading time. Not cool, Paste Up, not cool at all. Though on the plus side I get paid for the paste up while I don't get paid for reading.

Also, am still on the fence about Charles. I don't know. I want to adore him but mostly just end up loving him but feeling slightly disappointed. I'd like to know what anyone else thinks and I also intend to go into more details about this soon--mainly what I love and what I wish was different. But that will have to wait.

Lamentation is also waiting expectantly on my coffee table. I haven't read high fantasy is a few years--ever since I finished Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn (which was totally amazing even if I felt that he got most of the female characters all wrong) so I'm hesitant to start another Big Fantasy Series. I may let my husband have first dibs on that one before I fully commit.

So the other night as I was working on paste up, I couldn't resist cracking open Silver Phoenix to read the first sentence...I mean page...I mean chapter (hey, it was only the prologue). I'm hooked and excited. My tastes in plot often lead me to YA but that doesn't always mean I'm drawn in. Luckily my first little taste of Phoenix suggests that I will be swept up in Cindy's story right away and I can't wait!

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