Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Autumn is the Season of Romance

Alas, I don't have much to say. My brain is mostly caught up in revisions. So since it's crisp and beautiful out and also because it's September first, I thought I would attempt to placate you with a maple sugar sweet.

It's a poem I wrote about Autumn, my favorite season, way back in 2003. I can't judge its worth in any way. It's just a part of me now. So with that in mind, I do hope you enjoy the sugar as it dissolves on your tongue.

Fall, in Love

Now I see him walking down the street
In the same old corduroy jacket and faded jeans.
It's been a year since I last saw his face
And every year I think that he'll forget.
He stops beneath the reddening maple tree,
Kicks at the fallen leaves and waits for me.

I told myself that this time things would change
And I would not forgive his fleeting ways,
But now that he is here the promise fades.
So I go to the door and call to him,
"Will this time be different? Will you stay?"
He's charming, "I live only for today."

He takes his coffee black and I add cream.
I watch him grasp the mug as though for warmth.
For a time we sit in silence, then he says,
"I feel so cold when you are not with me."
I reach out for his hand and nod my head
And know that soon I'll lead him to my bed.

Now it is dark and he is fast asleep.
The clock ticks and I curse the steady beat.
At least for this brief time we're not alone,
Tangled beneath the covers to keep warm.
I listen to the raspy way he breathes
Pretending to forget he always leaves.

But winter comes despite the heat we make.
One day he will not be here when I wake.

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