Friday, September 11, 2009

Finished: Third Pass Revisions!

Guess WHAT!? I finished my third pass revisions today! *happy dance* Sadly, confetti did not burst spontaneously out of my monitor.

I told my mom and she said "Congratulations! (pause) So what are you going to do now? Next week you won't have anything to do."

Moms. So silly.

So I started listing everything I still had to do: line edits (Commas commas everywhere, and all of them misplaced!), continue to research potential agents, and revisit the sloppy draft of my query letter. And then see what my kind, generous readers have to say.

As I was talking the excitement started to leach out of me...I mean it's only "done" at the moment until the next person finishes it and gives me feedback, pointing out more weak spots.

Oh well, I'll remind myself of that every time I start to feel anchorless and purposeless. Don't worry! It's not really done. It will never be done.

And on that note: Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Aw, so true. It was the same for me. I finished my third big round of revisions, and immediately sent it out to two readers, had noticed a couple of things that might be problems, and was continuing to research agents.

    And should we get agents anytime soon, there'll be another round or two (speaking optimistically) of edits, and even when that book is published, there's book number 2 and its pyramid of revisions. It really, truly, -never- ends. :P hehe