Monday, September 21, 2009

Sprite Doesn't Like Rejection!

For those of you dealing with the soul-wrenching battle against rejection letters, here's a video of Sprite, the rejection-eating cat owned by author Jan Markley.

How did I find this video? Well, Mary Lindsey commented on my previous post so I decided to look at her blog. One of her recent posts features a very cool book trailer for her book SOUL PURPOSE. (Check it out!) One of the comments on that post was by Jan Markley, linking to the video of Sprite.

Again I say: THANK YOU, INTERNET. And thank you, Sprite for vanquishing rejection and making us all feel just a little bit better about the whole process.


  1. Sprite's curled up in my reading chair here beside me. Maybe I'll make a writer's cat out of her yet! I like your blog. I just posted the cover of my debut novel Dead Frog on the Porch. Check it out. It's awesome. cheers, jan

  2. Hi Jan, thanks for stopping by! I think Sprite is the best kind of writer's cat. Congrats on your cover.

    PEOPLE, you must check out Jan's forthcoming book Dead Frog on the Porch, a YA mystery. It involves TWIN SISTERS! Need I say more!? I thought not.