Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where's Milo: The Fun Begins

Okay unpublished writers of the world (well, preferably of the US, strictly for shipping cost purposes), it's time for the chain letter fun known as Where's Milo? I first blogged about it here, but let me review the rules/steps again:

1. I sign my name inside the cover of Only Milo. Then I send the book to Keli Scrapchansky (because she asked first).

2. Keli reads the book, or part of it, or just props it up beside her while she's writing. When she's ready, she signs it. Then she selects another unpublished author (a friend, twitter companion, or fellow blogger), acquires his/her address, and mails her the book.

3. Everyone who receives the book is also strongly encouraged to dog ear pages and underline sentences, write notes in the margins and leave quotes or pressed flowers in the pages. I am of the Velveteen Rabbit camp and believe a book comes alive the more you love it.

4. Preferably any participant would also tweet/blog about this (#Where's Milo).

5. Anyone can also take pictures of themselves with the book in one hand and your WIP (work in progress)in the other. I'll post the pics on my blog as I get them and each unpublished author is welcome to write a guest post or share an excerpt from their WIP here to accompany the picture.

6. Eventually I would, of course, like the book back. (My address will be printed inside the back cover) The end! Everyone is happy and everyone has made new writer friends.

Anyone who wants to participate can leave a comment in this post. And anyone who is unsure of who to send the book to next can refer back here to see if there is anyone on the 'waiting list.'

Let the chain letter fun begin!


  1. What an incredible idea! Let the Only Milo book tour begin!

  2. Thanks! I'm so glad you like the idea!

  3. I would love to participate in this! I just happened to stumble across your blog by wandering through twitter! You can visit my blog ( or follow me on twitter: joelizabeth. thank you!!!!

  4. I said so in the other post, but I'm game. I may have to cover it in post-its, though. After I graduated this May, I reverted back to me 'Noooo! Don't write in the book, the beautiful book!' self.

  5. Woohoo more people! Join the club--the more the merrier. Sabrina, you will in no way be forced to mark up the book. haha. Post its are perfectly acceptable ; )