Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Heart Vermont

Dear Vermont,

Please stop baking such sinfully delicious homemade bread. Toasted with butter, it's probably the best food in the world (Cadbury Mini Eggs being the obvious exception). However, it's not going to help me prepare for my ten year high school reunion if you know what I mean. Do you have any idea how bad celebrities think carbs are for your waistline???

Your bread is making me a happier person in general but a potentially chubbier one, so could you please stop?

Thank you ever so.

(I just watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes for the first time last week and Marilyn says this constantly. I'm not sure if Marilyn ate homemade bread with butter and the occasional dollop of marmalade or honey. Probably not. Of course she wasn't too happy, was she?)


PS Vermont, you know I was just joking about the bread, right? Please don't stop making it. Ever.

PPS Thanks for sending us some snow. This is the view from my porch today:


  1. The last time I saw snow, I was six. But this makes me want to visit my aunt in Massachusetts. I'd be giddy for all of five minutes, then I'd freeze my butt off.

    At least I've got the fresh bread deal. It's a staple in an Italian home.

  2. I'm Italian too!! (Well, technically half.) And I agree, fresh bread is a staple.

    There is so much snow right now. My husband is currently digging out the car. So yeah, it has it's advantages and disadvantages...

  3. I am also techinically half! My dad is from the US south, Mississippi and Louisiana, thereabouts (so half of me is a mish-mash of diluted European/creole/whoknowswhat), but my mom actually immigrated here when she was ten. She grew up on a farm in Calabria.

    All I really remember of snow, from personal experience, is that it melted too quickly and I couldn't make a snowball. I thought maybe there was a trick to it I didn't know--I also blamed my mittens--but six-year-olds aren't so informed about the different varieties of snow.