Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cookbooks and Magic

Some randomness to cap off your Tuesday afternoon:

1. I've been wanting to share this link for a while. Design Sponge's blogger Amy M offers ideas for how to style your house like The Labyrinth. This is genius! Now if only I could get David Bowie to come live with me..."Jennifer, you know I'm not really the Goblin King, right?"

Shhh, Jareth. It's better if you don't talk. Just spin those crystal balls again, please?

"But that wasn't me!"

What did I say about not talking?

On second thought, maybe it's better if I just stick with the design ideas and leave David out of this.

2. Curt just sent me this article in Breitbart about a yogi who claims he was blessed by a goddess at a young age and given special powers. Apparently he doesn't eat or drink. The researchers suggested he might be getting energy from the sun. Umm, hello? He told you already: he is being sustained by the essence of the gods!!

If you really look at what's in front of you, you'll realize that there's magic all around.

3. Finally, here are the cookbook shelves at Otter Creek Used Books in all there reorganized, color coordinated glory!(Please note, the shelves were organized by theme first, and I organized them by color within that theme when possible.)

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