Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good Idea/ Bad Idea

(source unknown)

Is this a visually stunning and space-saving way to display your books


Is it an ironic homage to book burning?

You tell me.

Either way, pretty! (Thanks to my twin sis for sharing it with me)


  1. I like it. I'm gonna say it's an "up yours" to book-burning. :D As well as a space-saving way to display books. If I had a fireplace that I wasn't going to use, I'd dismantle what I needed to to make sure a fire wouldn't start by accident (I'd be paranoid about that) and that nature couldn't slide down the chimney and mess up my books, but I'd do this, too.

    Now I'm wondering what genre would be best displayed there. Maybe some classics? Or maybe paperbacks, because they'd stack up more uniformly. Oo, oo! Manga. Barring the oversized ones and the weirdly short ones, manga are almost all the same size.

  2. Interesting! Now I'm trying to decide what I would put there. No, it's impossible. I need to be able to grab any book at any time and read whatever sentence/paragraph/scene is playing through my head. But this organization would make me not want to disrupt it by removing a book at random.