Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bread Loaf 2010: Days 2 - Whatever Day It is Now

Hello, Reader! This post is coming to you straight from the Apple Cellar computer lab ON the Bread Loaf campus. I haven't been to a computer lab in several years and I feel ever so slightly self conscious.

I took yesterday afternoon off which I think is helping me today. I feel less overwhelmed and less resentful towards all the people who are breathing near me and forcing me to act friendly. In some ways, it's freshman year all over again except that as an auditor, I have no dorm room in which to hide, no Latin homework to distract me, and no cell phone reception with which to help me call the outside world.

To anyone suffering from tendonitis in the wrist, as I do: Avoid Computer labs, or bring your own wrist rest and prepare to be both envied and avoided.

Yesterday morning as I drove up the mountain, swerving and accelerating around a slow construction vehicle, I suddently slammed on the breaks. There was a basset hound in the middle of the road, in the middle of extensive construction, in the middle of a mountain! With his droopy eyes and front paws in a balletic first position, he regarded me stoicly. I waited anxiously until he had crossed the street before moving on.

Today I attended a somewhat rambling workshop on heroes, which I think will prove more insightful in hindsight. I also went to my second workshop and a lecture on how to read your work well in public. I thought I was good at this because I inherited my father and nana's nice reading voices, but there is more to it than I previously thought. Next up are several readings and dinner.

Today, I met my first poetry attendee. I was beginning to think they didn't exist, or moved, pack-like, with the idea that there is safety in numbers.

To be fair, I have heard some prose writers (fiction and otherwise) make somewhat disparaging remarks about poetry writers.

Now the pain in my wrist is becoming too much to ignore. I'm off in search of coffee and sunlight and a quiet place to read until the next event!

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