Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bread Loaf 2010: If You Find Yourself in A Room Full of Writers

...be forewarned. They love to talk. Love it. What, you thought they'd be reticent and taciturn? What does "reticent" mean again exactly? They like using those types of words.

Beware of the wild-eyed crusader writers, who have achieved a modicum of success and have now made it their holy quest to hand sell a copy of their book to every heathen they meet.

Most of all, beware the poet. She spends her days whittling down words but if you let her get started on a story about her many travels around the world (this is merely an example), which you realize she is bragging about like one might brag about an achievement despite the fact that anyone can purchase a ticket to a cruise if they have the time and money to go. IF you let her begin, she may never stop, and you will have to excuse yourself before you get your carrot cake (and you really like carrot cake), just to be rid of her.

Or stick it out, memorize every overstuffed word, and then write it all down.

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