Sunday, August 22, 2010

Every Moment a White Bull

Jane Hirshfield taught at the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference this year, so I was able to hear her lecture and give a reading of her work.

One of the poems she read is entitled "Every Moment a White Bull" and it actually made tears roll down my face. Good thing the Little Theater was dark and if anyone sitting near me noticed as I wiped my face, they didn't say. Maybe they were too busy doing the same. Or maybe when you sit in the dark with people you've only just met, and you hear a poet like Jane Hirshfield read a poem as beautiful and true as this one, it's only natural to cry.

You can hear her read it here.

Just one more reason to love the internet.

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  1. I just discovered the poem. It is so powerful. I've admired Jane's work for a number of years. Given the circumstances you note at the reading you attended I'd have the same reaction and call it grace. Blessing! Dana Reed