Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mood Music

I've been revising all day and while I revise, I need some kind of sound. Silence is too oppressive. The trouble is, I find a lot of music to be too distracting.

Most of the time, I listen to Sigur Ros. They don't always use melodies and my twin sis informs me that they often sing in a made up language they call Hopelandic (which is completely and totally awesome).

But too many hours of Sigur Ros makes me feel certifiably insane. As if I needed any help in that department.

So, artists out there, what do you listen to? Any suggestions for me? I do have some traditional Chinese pipa music that I really like (and have mentioned here previously), as well as some instrumental music from Miyazaki films (but that is strictly for the WIP for mystical reasons I cannot explain).

What do you listen to when you're creating something?

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