Thursday, December 2, 2010

Belgian Fairies and Fox Fairies

In other news, I have a couple lovely links to share with you:

1. Small Beer Press posted a really cool article on their non-blog today about Fernand Dumont’s Treatise on Fairies and I suggest you check it out here.

2. Terri Windling has decided to have a sale on her current prints, available on Etsy here!!!!

I love Terri's art, writing, and editorial work. She's do I describe her? Having just tested out several adjectives and deleting them all, I will borrow from my friends Juliet and Faye who believe she must be a faerie queen. I think that sums her up very well.

I couldn't help myself from ordering both fox fairy prints. This made me realize I've got a bit of a collection going of fey fox images. Maybe someday I'll post a pic of my growing collection. I just love foxes. They fascinate me.

The prints are only $20 and would make lovely gifts this holiday season!

3. has posted Ellen Kushner's short story The Man with the Knives for your reading pleasure. It's set in her Riverside Series (home to novels Swordspoint and The Privilege of the Sword) and features beauitful illustrations by Tom Canty. So break out of the afternoon slump and indulge in a story!

And now, my wrist is hurting and its time for tea and there's an odd short story about hair-swords and a pivotal scene in Heartwood calling for my attention. Farewell...

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