Monday, April 11, 2011

Eerie Morning

I was just poking my head out on the porch to take a photo of the weather this morning, but two very loud, angry rumbles of thunder chased me back indoors like the frightened little rabbit I am. I had only just managed to take a shot, but as I held my camera triumphantly up to my face, the only image I saw was the low battery reminder.


It's very strange to wake up to a thunderstorm. The light doesn't seem to be coming from the sun. Instead, it's as if the rain is drawing it up out of the ground, from some supernatural, Lovecraftian cavern in the depths of the earth. There's a mist, too, hovering and creeping along the ground, and the occasional sickly green flash of lightning.

What a wonderful day for writing or reading a good, scary book.

Alas! I am but a freelancer today. I'm still trying to finish up my rough draft, as I was so drained that I took the weekend off, almost by accident. But this weather is good motivation to work as fast as possible and then get back to The Charmed Bracelet, where I belong.

Here's wishing you an eerie, creepy, shrieky day of inspiration!


  1. ahhhh!!!! i want you to read my new short story!!! but only when you have less on your plate. this made me think of it.

  2. Whaaat!? Send it! I love reading other peoples' work in progress, even when I'm stressed. I find it really invigorating and inspiring.