Saturday, May 21, 2011

Not So Very Important Announcements

1. I don't feel sick-to-my-stomach nervous about my trip anymore. Yay! See, it's all part of my elaborate planning ahead strategy. I get the jitters out of the way days--sometimes weeks--in advance. By the time the actual event arrives, I'm too worn out to be nervous anymore. It makes PERFECT SENSE.

2. I'm thinking I need to get me some Facebook friends who comment on every picture of me and say things like:

"OMG you are so gorgeous."

"It hurts to look at you grrl!"

"How did you get so beautiful?"

"I miss your pretty face!!"

You see, sometimes I get jealous. But then I think, "Wait. Those people drive me crazy." My friends tend to not be the fluffy complimenting kind. Maybe because I'm not like that either. Oh well. I'll just go back to my old tricks (re: calling/texting/emailing my twin right after I post a new pic and begging her to say something nice about me. Cover=blown.)

I hope I see some of you in New York! If not, see you Friday!! Stay gorgeous because OMG I want some of that sparkle that comes out of your pores instead of sweat...

(how was that? I am trying here.)

In the words of Sailor Venus, "Gotta book it!"

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