Saturday, June 18, 2011

For the Purpose of Documentation

Let the record show that I am sitting at the computer at 6:30 AM. I may not have brushed my teeth (or my hair, now that I think about it), or done anything else to make myself look or feel presentable. BUT, I did wave to the sun as it climbed over the mountains!

See? I'm awake--mostly. Please note that it is Saturday.

In a matter of moments I will shut off the internet and start writing.

And I WILL meet my deadline to complete chapter five by Wednesday. Admittedly this is only a commitment I made to my beta reader but it's important to me. Also I told her she could mock me on facebook--and here, I suppose--if I fail.

So, onward! No coffee until I've worked for a few hours. Sometimes a little bleariness is good for writing--like having a drink but less frowned upon. Particularly at 6:30 AM.

Oh, and before I forget:

Good morning, Reader!!

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