Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Escapism

I mentioned the Bollywood film Devdas to you yesterday, so as a Friday treat I'm including one of my favorite songs "Morey Piya."

Well, just about every song is my favorite. But this scene is romantic and super sexy and the song is about Krishna and Rhada—which is paralalled by the two protagonists Devdas and Parvati (aka Paro).

I am NOT showing you The Scene, the one that always makes me cry. One, I don't like to make people cry on Fridays and two, you should really watch the entire film so that you understand the emotional intensity of The Scene.

In the scene below, there is much more going on than you might realize, but you can also just enjoy it and go, "Pretty! Sexy! Sigh..."

In other news, I saw a red moon last night. I would consult my books to see what this means, but they are all still packed and I promised myself I wouldn't unpack them until we move into a house because we don't own any bookshelves.

But. Not having access to my books is Killing. Me. Anyone know what it means? References other than Practical Magic would be appreciated.


  1. what's wrong with Practical Magic?! that's maybe the best movie ever.

    (also you're begging someone to make a sailor joke here. but i won't stoop to it.)

  2. There's nothing wrong and everything right with Practical Magic. I'm just not sure it can be used as a reliable source of information on the meaning of omens.

    Do you mean the saying, "Red sky at night, sailor's delight"? Because I think that's different than a red MOON. Though I hate to miss the opportunity for a good sailor joke.