Sunday, November 27, 2011


Generally I don't like to share too much about my personal life. Well, I'll share about myself. I'm more than willing to tell you how gross I am when I'm sick (yay, mucus!) or how neurotic/ awkward/ self conscious I can be sometimes. But when it comes to gushy stuff, I like to keep it to myself.

It's funny, I love hearing other people gush. Love it. Gush to me all you want. Share all the sickeningly sweet details. My sweet tooth is unmatched. Just...don't expect me to share right back.

This October was Curt's and my sixth wedding anniversary. And in January, we'll have been together for nine years! You guys, that's, like, a long time. Normally I might not remark on this—at least not here—but then my friend sent me this song and it made me think of Curt.

So today I'm going to allow just a little gush to come out by saying that this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for my husband Curt, who is my anchor and the sweetest guy I've ever met.

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