Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Reader! I am writing this during one of my good periods when my brain isn't all fuzzy. I've been sick since just after Christmas and, as you may know by now, when I get sick, I am aiming to get an A+ in sick!!

Okay, not really. At least, not by choice. I would much rather get an A+ in "getting better." But no matter how many fluids I chug or how much sleep I get (this time I even attempted a nettie pot), it doesn't matter. After Mono, about 1 out of every three colds I get is like mini Mono, so I sleep a lot and feel like a zombie.

Talk about a hot New Year's date, am i right?

Curt and I had plans to visit our friends in Vermont, who renovated an old barn into a fabulous home. We were all set to cozy up to their new wood stove with their adorable dogs and just hang out, probably toasting the holiday with ice cream. Alas, it was not to be. I'm just glad Curt doesn't seem bummed out—he's hard to bum out.

Instead, we're celebrating the holiday the way we've done so many times before: with video games and takeout! In general I hate New Year's. Wow, what a moderate statement, huh? I find it depressing. Are all writers totally obsessed with the passing of time? I know I am. Anyway, I'm trying not to dwell on it this year. It helps that my brain is sort of fried at the moment and everything is pleasantly fuzzy.

So cheers to your health on the eve of the new year. Here's to NOT making resolutions we can't keep. And here's to indulging in the occasional double negative and loving it! Here's to chasing our dreams for another year. Here's to making the best of it, even if that means toasting with Nyquil rather than cocktails.

Here's to a new adventure!