Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rivendell Hell

Just a quick writer post for tonight. I finally carved out some writing time tonight and I spent much of it panicking.

(Aside: Don't you think the "k" in the verb panicking as opposed to panic, makes the word look particularly unstable and anxious? I do. Moving on...)

As you might have surmised from the title of this post, I'm back in "Rivendell." For the unfamiliar, "Rivendell" Is what I call a particular place in my novel, where the protagonist Maggie gets some much-needed R&R as well as answers. It's Important but there's not a lot of action.

 I can't tell you how many times I've rewritten this scene. I've changed the POV, changed what happens, changed the architecture, changed the characters in the scene, changes what Information is given and what Revelations are made. In the process I've eliminated thousands of words. And I'm still. Working. On it.

It's a really important section because it's the filter where everything comes together (mostly) and the reader and Maggie finally have a direction and a goal and of course there has to be emotional growth, but not too much. And I made it worse by adding a new friend to help Maggie with all of this. And then I decided to swoon it up by bringing in the Guy at an unexpected time. And then there are the dreams.

Yes. Dream sequences. I KNOW. They are technically restored memories but still. One must tread carefully, oh-so-very carefully, when it comes to the dreaded dream sequence.

But I made a little progress tonight, finally, after a pep talk from Curt the Inspirational Speaker/ Coach. And now it's time for bed. Thanks for reading. Writing is often lonely business.

Sweet Dream Sequences, Reader.


  1. I had a dream sequence once. I think I've taken it out, and if I haven't, I need to. They are tricky suckers.

    I feel the same about the word "panicking". But don't panic.

  2. Yes, very tricky!!! I'm so glad you feel the same about "panicking"!