Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wish List: Anne-Julie Aubry

Dear Publishing Industry:

Some smart YA and middle grade publisher needs to hire French artist Anne-Julie Aubry for their next cover art! I  just stumbled onto her work on Etsy. Reader, is it not utterly fabulous??

I'm sure people will initially think, "middle grade" because....well, because illustrations aren't really "in" for YA right now. What's "in" are digital art photographs of girls with parts of their bodies cropped out, lots of hair, and frilly dresses.

Please. It's not edgy. It's boring.

I'm campaigning for more illustrations on YA fantasy covers.

And I think this artist's work is gorgeous. I wish I had a big red magic phone I could call when I see something like this and just sort of make it happen.

Universe, please make this happen.


PS note: All images here are from Anne-Julie's Etsy store The Nebulous Kingdom and are available for purchase.

PPS Anne-Julie Aubry blogs here.

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