Wednesday, February 1, 2012

30 Second Jaunt

Hello there, Dearest Reader. Is it incorrect to capitalize the "d" and the "r" in that sentence? I know, I should look it up, right? Because I used to be a grammar handbook editorial assistant. But I just started a sentence with "because" and another one with "but" and I clearly cannot be trusted.

Anyway, I think capitalizing words should be a matter of choice. Wooo, freedom!!!

I have perhaps spent too much time alone so far this week. Thoughts?

I don't have much to say as evidenced by my lack of blogging this week. I'm on the other side of the Great Divide known as 30. I still do not have cheekbones but I do have super cute boots that I bought while I was in Boston with my twin sister, as well as some other birthday treasures. It doesn't feel so bad now that it's over.

Anyway, this week I'm trying to stay on top of my application reading while still making time for writing. How is it going? Well, today is the first day I've been able to write but honestly that's not half bad considering how I've been faring the last couple weeks.

We're now squarely in the middle of the week. I've heard some people say they're tired this week, and glum. In need of a vacation. Aren't we all? But in lieu of that, would you care to join me on a 30 second jaunt in which we pretend 1. to be British 2. to own an Irish wolfhound and 3. to have befriended a fox.

What? You want to make tea first? By all means. I can wait.

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