Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hi, Reader. How are you?


I'm okay.

Yeah, just okay.

You too? Well, we can be "just okay" together.

I know I owe you lots of posts, including but not limited to BEA bits and pieces. Alas, my heart has not been in blogging lately. My heart hasn't really been in much of anything except maybe K-dramas. I'm currently blowing through Boys Over Flowers. Really really good.

I started a new story that's a little bit scary and very exciting. I'm also giving myself two weeks to make revisions on TCB, thanks to some super helpful feedback from my Beta Reader of Awesome.

Other than that, I'm taking things one day at a time and snuggling my coffee mug extra close.

I'll be back soon.


  1. You know what the amazing thing about Boys Over Flowers is--you can then go on to watch the Taiwanese and Japanese (original) versions.

  2. OH! Also--maybe this will cheer you up! I wrote a (very short) short story. First thing I've written since AUGUST LAST. Anyway I'm selfish and that's the only reason I thought that would cheer you up. But hey! I cheered myself up. So now I can send you some virtual cheer. CHEER!

  3. It wasn't very dark, though. Your dark thing sounds much more interesting.

  4. 1. Boys Over Flowers...seeing as I'm closing in on the end of the Korean series, it recently occurred to me that I could try and track down the other versions. Sad but true, and also, possibly, awesome.

    2. Huzzah! You will send me this alleged short short story AT ONCE. And there will be much rejoicing.

    3. Well, it's dark in that it's A LOT more personal than anything I've ever written before, which scares me but could lead to something Awesome. Maybe. I hope. Someday. We shall see...

  5. the story is dorky.