Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Postcard for You

Dearest Reader,

How are you? You might have guessed already but I find myself to be suddenly, surprisingly, and decidedly busy. It's been a while since I could say that, and honestly it's a nice feeling.

Alas this has left significantly less time for me to hide in the library combing through my finished draft and making revisions, but I hope to get back to that very soon. For now, I'm enjoying the change of pace while trying to survive this vulgar heat*.

*I've been trying to work the word "vulgar" into conversation as often and as awkwardly as possible. Cross that off today's to-do list! Wooo! Look at me go!

I finished another K-drama. Is my blog turning into some sort of K-drama watchers anonymous? No, don't answer that. Actually, now that I find myself with people to talk to during the day, I'm thinking about maybe instead of starting another drama, I could possibly read a book. Silence all day long is painful to me, but silence after a day of talking is wonderful. Finally there may be room in my head for some stories again.

Be good and bear with me while I crowd surf the chaos. I shall return, much like Han's eyesight...IN TIME.
Until then, just hold my blog and maybe stroke its hair.

All good things,

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