Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bingley is Worried About You

Reader, today Bingley admitted that he's really worried about you.

Have you been sleeping enough?

Napping enough?

Lying in a comfortable spot and contemplating the universe enough?

Propping your foot up against a printer is quite comfortable.

Have you been daydreaming enough?

Boxes full of books. I don't own bookshelves yet.

Have you allowed yourself to be vulnerable once in a while? Because that can lead to belly rubs and belly rubs are the best. Better, even, than naps.

Really?? Truly?? You say you have, but Bingley's not convinced.

And all this worrying is exhausting. He's going to have to take an extra nap to recover.

So please, be kind to yourself. And consider taking a nap. Bingley would really appreciate it.

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