Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Interlude in Bed with Sleeping Cat

Hello, Reader. As I mentioned before, I feel compelled to blog again. Not only because I miss it, but because I'm going to a conference this weekend (NESCBWI) and it seems a smart thing to do professionally.

Platform...I think a lot about platform. Writers need them. A social media presence is expected. And yet wouldn't my time be better spent writing stories?

I'm not sure what I should be blogging about. I should probably cast the blog aside for Tumblr. I wonder what Mochi thinks. She is the rescue cat we adopted about a month ago. It's very nice to type in bed on a laptop with a cat curled up at my feet.

What an indecisive blog post this has turned out to be. I simply wonder: does a unpublished writer's blog serve a purpose? Does it build an audience? Or does it only work if I blog about food or cute animals or something? I wonder. I am curious.

Mochi doesn't seem interested in this conversation. She just wants me to never move my leg because it's propping her up perfectly and also she would like me to occasionally scratch her head.

I'm off to scratch her head now, Reader.

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