Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Uh oh. I just learned a new word: amigurumi. Apparently this is some master plan by Japan to overwhelm us with an army of ultimate cuteness and take over the world or something. (aka the art of making cute, knit creatures--which is totally almost the same thing.)

When my sister reads this she'll be all, "(heavy sigh) Jennifer, everyone knows about amigurumi. They've known forever." But I tend to be behind on this sort of thing, which isn't always bad. I usually think I'm the first to discover it so the fact that I'm always behind doesn't seem to damper the thrill of discovery.

Anyway, amigurumi. Now I'm wondering whether I might have in fact inherited my mom's obsession with stuffed animals after all. This is disturbing on multiple levels. For one, what am I going to do with all of the cute, knit creatures that are inevitably in my future? (Also, what if they come alive at night and snack on my soul or something. I mean these things are seriously cute and therefore cannot be trusted.) And two, what else might I have unwittingly inherited by my admittedly adorable albeit totally insane mom.

However YOU may be wondering just what I am doing pondering my genetic makeup as well well as whether or not I want a knit goblin for my desk (yes, yes I do--but I don't want to make it myself) when everyone knows I am supposed to be finishing Round X (I'm losing count) of my revision this very day. Well, now I'm wondering that too.

This post has contained a lot of italics. Apologies if this has offended anyone.

Aaaand back to work...

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