Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Listmaking...sort of.

I'm feeling so happy today that I think I'll make a list. Lists also make me happy so this can only compound the general happiness.

Why I'm Happy Today

1. My cold is almost gone. This is my fourth cold since Christmas. Yes, I got Mono a few years ago and have been a lot more susceptible to illness since then but even so--four cold in four months?! Unacceptable. I'm hoping this is my last one for a long time.

2. My knee, ankle, and wrist are all feeling better. I've been in physical therapy for my knee since September. What did I do? I'm not sure. My knee cap just popped up and out and refused to track properly. I blame it on a tendency towards turning out (Thanks, Mom) and years of ballet followed by lots of running and no dance. I think I thought I still had good turnout but really I was just torquing my knee. Disaster!

The ankle injury is from nearly two years ago. I went for a run and tweaked my ankle. My family has weak ankles and this happens all the time so I thought nothing of it. BUT the next day I had an aerobics instructor certification class in Punk Rope (really fun, if you are in NYC look it up!). I spent allll day long jump roping and ended up damaging the cartilage in my ankle (at the top of the foot). The injury flared up again as my knee improved and I became slightly more active so now I'm rehabilitating that as well. And finally, I have tendonitis in my right wrist, which is a souvenir from my job as an editorial assistant and my days of paste up (if you know what paste up is, then you'll understand). And for unknown reasons it flared up very badly recently so I've been grappling with that as well. But I'm starting to feel more like a 27 year old again and less like a zombie whose body parts keep falling off.

3. It's gloomy out. This is good writing weather because it means I can make a nice big cup of Tesco tea (it's what I drank as a student at Stirling University when I was abroad) and pretend I'm in Scotland. Somehow gloomy days in New England aren't quite as wild and romantic as those in Scotland but I'm a writer and I can pretend pretty well.

4. I might be going to BEA! My friend Fish now works in publishing and I might be able to help his company there. This is awesome on so many levels. First, just being at BEA would be so cool. Second, working a booth would be a great experience and would give me a purpose other than "wannabe author and rabid book lover" wandering around. And third, the fact that one of my best friends is now in the book industry is so cool. The other day he sent me a joke email about publishing! Being able to share jokes with him about this stuff is really cool.

5. Motivation! Going to BEA means I should probably finish up my revisions asap so that if a *miracle* occured I would have a complete ms ready. Also I think I should clean up my monster book picture book manuscript, too. So I've got a lot to do and I should not be making long, rambling lists on blogger but should be writing instead.

Off I go...until my twin sis calls, anway.

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