Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Am having another weird day thanks to having to take the train into Boston for physical therapy and then wasting an hour waiting for the next train to get me home again. Still trying to get my bearings and am pretty sure I won't get them in time before the days comes to an end. (am also not 100% confident in my spelling of "bearings" but am too afraid to press my computer into opening another tab and potentially kicking me off the internet for my impertinence. So, apologies. I guess now that it's been a few years since I worked on grammar handbooks I'm getting lazy.)

One thing that made my day *awesome* was getting a comment from Cindy Pon thanking me ME for participating in the contest being run on Hello Ello 2 (see previous post) to generate buzz for her novel Silver Phoenix. Ridiculous and super cool that she'd bother to say thanks. I hope her book does really well because it looks awesome and I'm excited to read it.

Another thing that was great about today: I realized that Scholastic will be giving away ARCs of Collins sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire!!!! OMG. I am going to be there! Why? Because I am very very lucky. Maybe I'll be insanely lucky and actually get a copy! (I doubt it). I suppose the copies should go to important people who will review it and help the book gain exposure and not to me who will simply love it and read it (immediately and in one sitting) and then hug it and possibly dance around with it and maybe even scream at it when it's done and I realize that now I have to wait even longer for the third and final book.

When I came home from PT I discovered my weekly PW had arrived. It's all about BEA and I immediately got nervous stomach as I read it. That's what I call it when I feel sick to my stomach and my heart tried to make a break for it. I'm only going to be there because my friend works for a company that will have a booth there and I'm going to help, which is legit. But I feel like I'll get there and they'll realize I'm just a wannabe author and will throw me out. Like, "not another writer with delusions of grandeur. Get out!" And then three big goons will appear to toss me out onto the sidewalk outside the convention where martini swilling agents will laugh at my expense.

Also, I have to admit I'm a little annoyed at Neil Gaiman right now. Of course NG wouldn't care in the slightest to know this. And I'm pretty sure that if he ever did learn of this and that a particle of him cared, he would sit back, listen to me, then explain in a calm, eloquent way just what he had meant and I would wander away feeling confused and yet content. Curse you, Gaiman, and your magical charms! Basically, in his blog he told a fellow wannabe writer that it's pointless to start a blog and twitter acount just to get exposure in the writing world.

I know he probably means, don't make that your focus, focus on good writing and the rest should come. But it struck me as vaguely out of touch and condescending. Also disconcerting as my blog doesn't have much to offer readers and would be much more interesting if I were already published. But seeing as my book is about a blogger, it stood to reason that I should be a blogger, too. Anyway, I do realize that my annoyance at NG most likely stems from an unhealthy envy of his career and adoration for his stories. Oh well. Still had to get it off my chest.

Still on the to do list for today: work on query letter and make a couple neurotic revisions because I'm currently reading Charles de Lint again and he always inspires me to make my city more real and more beautiful than it was before.

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