Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Query Weary

Yep, I'm sick of queries and I haven't even finished writing mine! Now that I can access the internet on my main computer I've found it incredibly difficult to focus on writing. I'm not just reading gossip sites or anything, I'm trying to meet new writerly people on twitter and read about query letters. I could spend all day reading Query Shark. Bad bad bad. In the end, it's only what I write that counts, though what I read could influence what I write.

At least I found a cool blog today. It's from a writer I stumbled upon on twitter. This post about agents being real people made me feel pretty guilty about my "martini swilling" comment from the other day. Although to be fair, plenty of real people drink martinis...I'm just not sure if they swill them.

Anyway, in addition to that post, I would recommend checking out the blog in general, Zenunlimited.com. The writer's name is Adrien-Luc Sanders. He posts excerpts of his writing and I really enjoyed what I read so far. Plus he is a Sailor Moon and Winx Club fan so I already know he's a man of good taste.

Also, I found out today that I was a runner up for Ellen Oh's giveaway of a copy of Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon!! That means I won a hand painted bookmark and signed bookplate from Cindy!! I'm so excited! Maybe when they arrive I can post pics!

That's all for today. Must shut down all social media and get to work on this query letter before the day is over!

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