Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rapunzel: The Next Disney Princess Exploitation?

In other news, while looking for Audrey Niffenegger links, I somehow stumbled on a post about Disney's forthcoming Rapunzel movie.

Here is a link to the brief article, with a slightly blurry picture.

Rapunzel? Really?

I don't get it. There's not much appeal there. She has long hair. She sits around. She gets knocked up and her boyfriend goes blind. Yikes. Is Disney going to warp this into some sort of abstinence cautionary tale (if you have sex you'll get fat, have twins, and be forced to live in a trailer park in the desert)?

Then again when I was a kid my favorite Disney princess was Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty and all she does is sleep and dance in the woods with animals.

It's a secret dream of mine to write a version of The Twelve Dancing Princesses for Disney. THINK of the song/dance possibilities when the whole plot revolves around dancing!!! Of course I would cut back the number of sisters and I would COMPLETELY rewrite the ending. Here's a brief overview of how the ending goes now:

KING: Here, have one of my daughters in payment for spying on them for me.

OLDEST DAUGHTER: But Father, I'm in love with a prince in a magical kingdom!

HERO: Don't worry, initially I thought you were the hottest but honestly over the course of this ten page story you've started to look really old. I'll take the youngest sister instead.


HERO: Yes. I know.

Gee, I hope I didn't ruin the ending there for any of you.

On second thought, maybe I should be glad my favorite stories (Twelve Dancing Princesses, Snow White, Rose Red) have so far been spared Disney's evil machinations. Okay, Rapunzel, let's see what you've got.

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