Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blond VS Brunette: The Eternal Struggle

I just have to say that I've seen way too many commercials lately for the new ABC Family Show Ruby and the Rockits, which is apparently an attempt to resurrect "happy families that sing together" shows like The Partridge Family. Case in point: David Cassidy is actually on the show.

Anyway, what's weirding me out is Alexa Vega's hair! She's...blond. I didn't even know her name before I googled it, but I recognized her face. It took me about three viewings before I realized she was the girl from Spy Kids. She used to be a brunette. Now she's totally blond...?

Ooooh I get it. Back then she was playing a "smart" kid. Now she's playing a bubbly, pretty, talented teen. Clearly she needed a dye job. It's like that other ABC White, pro life, Jesus Loves You Family show 10 Things I hate About You. The serious, brooding sister is a brunette, the outgoing, popular one a blond.

It's creeping me out!

And no, I do not watch that channel. Just the commercials.


  1. Hi Jennifer, I'm here via Adri's blog. I hope you don't mind my two cents on the subject.

    I was channel surfing and stopped at a commercial for this show. I thought I had heard wrong, or was thinking of the wrong person. She looks nothing like she did in her Spy Kids days, and I can't figure out whether that's just the hair, growing up, or a combination.

    As a brunette, I don't have much of a problem if people assume I'm smart (I wear glasses to boot!), but I feel bad for the intelligent blonds who are treated as if they're dumb. (In the 10 Things film, both sisters were blond, with the dueling personalities.)

  2. Hi Sabrina, thanks so much for stopping by! I love Adri's blog and his writing. Of course I would appreciate your two cents or five. Heck, I'd take a dollar's worth if you are feeling generous!

    It beats talking to my stupid vacuum cleaner.

    I agree, the 10 Things movie was so much better because it depicted both sisters as blond with *gasp* different personalities to set them apart instead of hair color.