Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sleep Like a Corpse--It's Good For You!

I am awake and it's 5:30 AM. If this becomes a routine it could really be helpful for getting all my revisions done as soon as possible. Of course I don't really feel like working right now. I feel like blogging.

I was lying in bed thinking about the article I read in Whole Living's Body + Soul June 2009 issue about sleep postures. I couldn't find it online to share with you but suffice to say my favorite sleep posture (on my stomach with head turned to the side) is the "worst" for your body.

I used to sleep on my back. This was considered the *best* posture, so long as you did not use a pillow. Unlikely, but I use a down pillow which isn't all that fluffy, and getting less so all the time.

I would like to blame my bad sleep posture on my husband. At the risk of shocking my MIL, were she to stop by my blog, this is all his fault! Back in college, both of us slept on our backs. But then we started dating and something happens to you when you fall in love. You want to say good night and not have it mean good bye. You want to wake up and know the person will still be there next to you.

It should be noted here that ever since I was a kid I envied the Muppet Babies because they all slept together in two cribs. I do not like sleeping alone--my twin sis can attest to that. I also didn't like it when she fell asleep before me so I found increasingly creative ways (such as swinging my teddy bear over the side of my top bunk into her face while hissing her name) to make sure she stayed awake). Poor twin sister...

Earlier in my husband's and my relationship we'd climb into the creaky, narrow twin bed provided by the college--and barely fit. It didn't help that we lay side by side on our backs like two corpses. Romantic, right? Eventually I trained myself to sleep on my stomach because it made sleeping in a college twin bed slightly less impossible.

And now, according to Whole Living, the natural curve of my spine is in grave danger. I suppose I should be doing the stretching poses they recommended in order to counteract this. As you can see I am complaining about it instead.

This is why I tend to avoid self help magazines.

In other less snooze-worthy news (see what I did right there?), I realized that I have a ton of backlogged posts in my brain that need to get out. I have a lot of writing to do.

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