Monday, August 17, 2009

Fever Dreams

It's really hot today. Really really hot. If my husband had not installed an AC unit in our computer room I could very well be dead right now. (Oh yes.)

The heat is giving me weird dreams. Last night's was so odd I was almost going to keep it to myself but everyone who knows me knows how bad I am at keeping my dreams to myself. I love to share them, even the nonsensical ones and the ones in which I die or the ones in which someone is trying to kill me and my husband runs away and leaves me to die. (It's because he runs faster than me so he goes to get help. My husband gets very upset when I tell him about these dreams.)

Last night's dream was about the end of the world...or humanity. Or something. Basically, all humans were leaving and it was decided that I had to stay in a big science fiction space station to shut everything down and launch the Earth shuttle so everyone could leave. I had to stay behind. Before everyone left they decided to organize a talent show. You would think that I would be the audience but no, I had to participate. And most of my dream revolved around my fear that I had never learned the dance I was supposed to perform.

(I took dance classes from childhood through college and I often have dreams wherein I have to perform but forget the steps. This never happened in real life.)

After the talent show, people started to leave. The one person left was Billy Dee Williams. Yes, that Billy Dee as in Lando Calrissian. He looked the same as he did in Cloud City, which is good because if he was his current age of 72 in my dream the age difference would have been a little icky. Anyway, Billy felt bad for me and so he decided to send me off with some sexy time. This is where the dream got weird. In my defense, Billy was very charming in The Empire Strikes Back. I mean, he almost wooed Leia right from under Han Solo's nose! But don't worry, my parents stopped by at the end to say goodbye so I just got hugs from everyone including Billy Dee. Then they left me all alone to die by myself while the rest of humanity went on their merry way.

The end.

Extreme heat+staying home all the time to write+revising+self doubt=me going crazy.

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