Thursday, October 15, 2009

Leave Rainbow Brite Alone!

You guys, I seriously feel sick to my stomach right now. I just read on Jezebel that Rainbow Brite is getting an updated look. She's taller, slimmer, and...just WRONG. She was perfect before with her big, giant head (I can relate), and her massive bangs, and her cute, stubby little body (again, I can relate). Ditto for the color kids. People, this has gone TOO FAR.

Someone: Come up with a NEW idea. Rainbow Brite first came into existence as a greeting card character for chrissake so surely some TV writer out there can come up with something new instead of sexing up another perfectly adorable, tough, and spunky 80's cartoon character.

The article compares the Rainbow Brite redux to Sailor Moon, which I have to completely disagree with. The Sailor Moon characters, while slender beyond what is physically possible, are rendered in classic manga style. They also have their own personalities and toughness.

And by the way the Sailor Scouts are in high school not elementary school, and the show was geared toward teens/tweens. BIG difference. The Rainbow Brite redux characters not only look like sexed up fourth graders, they also look dead behind the eyes. Yes, I realize they are cartoons but since when did vacant eyes become cool?

Oh right, when people like Audrina managed to get "careers." Ugh. I swear if/when I have kids I might just have to whisk them away to some cottage in the highlands so I can feed them a steady diet of myths and legends, real fairy tales, and 80's cartoons.

All right then, carry on. Nothing to see here.

[Note: And is this STORMY I see in the "new" Rainbow Brite pic!? That in no way looks like the stubborn, wild girl in charge of thunderstorms and winter. A world of NO!]
[Correction: My twin sis pointed out that the girl on the left is probably Moon Glo, since she has a crescent moon on her belt. And for those of you who don't know, the one on the right is Tickled Pink. As my sis pointed out, they will probably make Stormy a goth or something. Ugh. I am so upset about this. Okay...enough...I'm done. For now.]


  1. oh my gosh! oh no no NO! that is just terrible! I like the old rainbow brite just as she was!!! The updated one just looks like her trashy older sister!

  2. Rainbow Brite was one of those cartoons I really enjoyed as a kid (even though I don't really remember names or any of that now), right there with Strawberry Shortcake. I hated the visual of remade SS, and this new RB just seems to suck all the personality out of the art.

    (Vapid eyes and whatnot, I think of the horror of Bratz.) Moonglow's colors are way off, too. (Random sharing: I know my older sister had a Canary Yellow doll. I was a fan of RB, Shy Violet and probably Indigo.)