Thursday, October 1, 2009

Only Milo: Bigger and Bloodier!

Good morning, readers! The appointed day has finally arrived: the first of October, the first day I've had to turn on my electric heater because it's below 60 degrees in my apartment, and, best of all, the kickoff for Barry Smith's Blog Tour for Only Milo!

I reviewed the Only Milo ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) back in July. Since then Barry himself sent me a signed copy of the full length book, which was very cool and nice of him!

It was a little bit tough for me to read parts II and III after believing for several months that part I was the entire story, but it was fun to see where Barry decided to take his character. At times I found myself wishing that perhaps during Milo's quest to be recognized for his talents he might also be punished for his calculated murders. However the book remains a fun, absurdist, and totally cathartic story of one man's struggle to get published in a world where celebrity is more valuable than talent.

And now without further ado, I bring you Barry Smith's guest post!

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  1. Wonderful! I thought his book was creative and a huge satire on what one will do to get what they want...