Thursday, October 8, 2009

What I'm Reading

I realized I haven't updated you lately on what I've been reading and the reason is that: I haven't been reading anything.

I finished Catherynne Valente's Palimpsest a couple weeks ago and loved it but I never felt compelled to review it here, and I don't think I ever will. I didn't even talk much about it with my husband, and usually he has to hear what I think about everything in a book. I think I just feel protective of this one in the same way that the characters feel protective of the city of Palimpsest. I don't want to talk about it with you unless you've read it, unless you've been there.

What I will say is that if you love language, you should read Valente's work. If you love sensual imagery, you should read it. Seriously, what this woman can do with words is nothing short of sorcery. Readers looking for a gripping plot should go elsewhere. I did find myself mesmerized by the story and the words, but this book really isn't about the plot so much as the images and ideas. It's gorgeous and I invite you to give it a try. Come back and tell me how much it rocked your world.

Last week on Twitter I heard about The Child Thief by Brom and immediately ordered it on Barnes and Noble. I'm so starved for magical realism/dark, comtemporary fairy tales for adults!

It came a couple days ago and I already started. It's a darker, adult retelling of Peter Pan. At least I think it's for adults...the subject matter is gritty but the illustrations and writing suggest a younger audience. Also the protagonist is 14 years yeah it's probably more YA. Oh well. All the good books are YA right now...except for mine. SeewhatIdidrightthere???

I like the book so far, however I did regret my compulsive buy when it arrived. Of course it's a hardcover book. FROWN. I really don't like hardcovers. They are too heavy to take with you, too big to fit in your purse, and too greedy on the bookshelf. I own very few hardcovers by choice--all Neil Gaiman titles. I know, I know. How predictable. We'll see if The Child Thief can live up to that.

Side note: I would definitely purchase a fancy Prydain Chronicles collection in one volume and ditto for Madeleine L'Engle. Publishers: Just a suggestion.


  1. Oh I saw that book with a friend this past weekend. We were wandering the painfully few sci/fantasy aisles at a Borders, and there it was. And it's big, even for a hardback, IMO. My friend likes Brom's artwork, but it was a matter of 'what if he isn't as good a writer as he is an artist?'. He hesitated to pick it up, but the illustrations were really interesting.

  2. Yeah the book is enormous! *sigh* I'm a little impulsive with my book buying--I never check the price tag first. Oops. So far the story is interesting but the writing isn't blowing me away. If you want amazing writing, stick with Catherynne Valente! We'll see--I'll let you know what I think of it when I'm finished.