Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Sunday Night Story

I met up with my college roommate today. I wrote about her last week in this post about car accidents and guardian angels. This same roommate was in another, much worse car crash almost a year ago, which required several surgeries. I won't go into details simply because my roommate likes her privacy and the thought of strangers reading about her (albeit without knowing who she was) would probably make her extremely uncomfortable.

However I did want to share one aspect of the story with you. After the accident another driver stopped to see if she was okay. Her car was smoking, so he decided to pull her out. He was a wrestling coach, so he knew how to stabilize her neck in case she had injured it. Once the police arrived, he gave his information and left. He didn't need to stop. He certainly didn't need to pull a bleeding woman from a car.

It gets better.

The anonymous driver called my roommate a few weeks after the accident to see if she was okay. That is so far and behind what any decent human being is expected to do. It just filled me with a warm, fuzzy feeling. That, reader, is another example of the guardian angels that walk among us every single day--no wings or halos required.

To the driver who stopped and helped my roommate: You will in all likelihood never read this post, but nevertheless I'm sending my thanks to you.

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