Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thanks a lot, Universe. Jerk.

I'm still getting used to this whole mountain weather plus lake affect thing. I grew up in Connecticut, you know. A lush river valley where daffodils bloom in April when they're supposed to and where the snow melts after a few days.

Apparently the weather here can change pretty quickly.

Take just now for example. It's been overcast today with bursts of sunshine. I consider a really nice day for January. So a few minutes ago I sat down at my computer and found out that J.D. Salinger was dead.


(Finding it hard to continue. Everything I think to say sounds treacly.)

I have a confession to make: I never read Catcher in the Rye. I know. Crazy. I never had to read it for class and since in my limited spare time I preferred to read fantasy or books with female protagonists, I never got around to it. But a good friend of mine did introduce me to the Nine Stories, which I love dearly. Upon hearing the sad news, I immediately wanted to reread my favorites ("A Perfect Day for Bananafish", "Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut", "For Esme--with Love and Squalor").

But I couldn't find my copy. I needed that book. Now. So I decided to walk to the local bookstore and see if they had a copy I could buy. Then I would go to the coffee shop and work on the short story I've been thinking about, in honor of the best short story writer that ever lived.

So I grab my notebook, purse, coat. I go outside. It's snowing lightly. No problem, it was doing that this morning. Plus, I have a hood! I'm prepared!

It snows harder. And harder. Within minutes, my jeans and coat are coated with snow, which is trying its damnedest to worm its way into my bag to get to my notebook.

It went from bright and cloudy with a little snow. To this:

And I, realizing that I was still farther from town than I was from my apartment, had to turn back. Now I'm home again, wet, with red fingers that are just now regaining feeling.

I guess I'll be staying here for the remainder of the day.

Editor's Note: In the twenty or so minutes it took for me to write this post, the snow stopped. That Universe. Such a jerk.

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