Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Febs. Totally.

Reader, something awesome happened to me today. Let me explain...

My parents are here visiting for the first time since we moved to Vermont. While my husband was at work, I took my parents around the Middlebury College campus. As I was leaving a building, a student ran to catch up with me.

Cheerful College Girl: Are you looking around? You should totally do Febs!

Me: Huh?

CCG: Febs! It's so great. You can start second semester. I just started and I love it!

Me:, thanks.


1. Yes, it means that Febs=Second Semester, which starts in February. Apparently at Middlebury you can start second semester.

2. Okay, yes it does mean that Cheerful College Girl was very friendly and that one can assume that other Middlebury students are also friendly and welcoming.

3. And yes it does mean that Cheerful College Girl is thrilled to be a part of the Middlebury College community and that other students probably feel the same.

But really, what does it MEAN???

It means that at a recently minted 28 years old I can still pass as a second semester high school senior/transfering college freshman of 18 or 19.

And what does that really MEAN? It means that having a chubby cheeked baby face (especially compared to your twin sister, who is often complimented on her exquisite bone structure and cheekbones) can be totally worth it if you just wait LONG ENOUGH.

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