Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Like?

I'm playing around with my blog layout today in an attempt to make it look less ugly. I usually rely on Melissa for this sort of thing so I'm floundering.

The photograph is of a bracelet Melissa made me for Christmas after reading my manuscript for GLOAMING. Aren't twin sisters the best? And does this not entice you to read my manuscript?

Hey, a girl's gotta ask.

So, thoughts on the layout? I should look into getting a Web site so I could have some freedom with the design, buuut starving writers don't have a lot of money sitting around and their gainfully employed spouses can only take so much...


  1. I do like. The background is a very nice shade of blue, happy and calming.

    And yes, that line and the picture immediately make me want to read Gloaming. Seriously.

  2. Thanks, Sabrina!! Hearing you say that you'd want to read my manuscript means a lot!