Monday, March 29, 2010


Sorry for the sensationalized title. I just finished reading The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig and I'm feeling a tad romantic and dramatic.

I definitely enjoyed the book. It was so fun. Pure fun with some witty dialogue and espionage and misunderstandings all viewed through rose colored glasses. It's one of those books that manages to be a page turner even though you KNOW that nothing too terribly awful will happen. Yes, the characters may suffer through their self deceptions, their lustful longings, their misdirected heroics and their horribly embarrassing escapades, but that is all.

It's a well written mashup of historical romance and chick lit. I'm sure it helps that Willig has degrees from Yale AND Harvard. She may enjoy the frothy fun of romance books but she's also smart.

In other news, I stepped in dog poop yesterday in my brand new sneakers. And I don't mean just sidestepped the poop or scuffed it or you know, flirted with stepping in it. I mean I full on planted my shoe right on top of it to the point that when I walked out of it I left an evil smelling poop footprint in my wake down the sidewalk. Gross!!!

This was all the more hilarious--to my husband--because on the way past the poop the first time, I stepped over it and commented on its hideous color. I believe I turned to my husband, wrinkled my nose, and said something to the affect of, "That dog is not feeling well."

And now, neither am I. Nor you, possibly, depending on the fragile state of your stomach.

And finally, the best news of all (Yes, even BETTER than the poop!!). On the long drive to Connecticut last week I got a *new* idea for a story. It's fun and sweet and even a little romantic. I might attempt the holy love triangle for this one, folks. I don't want to say anything about it yet, but it's a fun enough idea that I'm setting aside the Snow White, Rose Red story for now and toying with this for a while.

Maybe I could be one of those lucky writers that's all, "Oh, I was just procrastinating on finishing this other novel and I ended up writing a WHOLE NEW ONE by accident!" *grins and giggles at the magic of it all*

I mean, really, who procrastinates writing by writing? I prefer to dance around the room, stare off into space, eat chocolate, troll the internet, write blog entries...hey, wait a minute. I was supposed to be writing an hour ago...

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