Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tales From the Used Book Store

I was writing in the coffee shop this morning, working on my new WIP. It feels SO GOOD to be writing a novel again. Short stories are just snacks, not full meals. I've only just begun, but still, it feels really good. After some writing and iced coffee, I headed over to the used book store to work.

My job today was to select books in the education and parenting section that just aren't going to sell. The store is bursting at the seams and we need to do some weeding. As usual, I encountered some interesting and amusing books to share with you. I hope to make this a regular feature of the blog.

First, I found a book titled Fatherlove. Ick. I assume I'm not the only person who finds this title slightly creepy. Mayhaps I just have a knack for perversion. Nevertheless, had I been in that editorial meeting, I would have suggested a title like "The Loving Father" instead. You know, just to be safe.

And really, where was everyone the day the cover design was approved? I find it kind of creepy. The way the man has been cropped exaggerates how much bigger he is than the little girl. In the foreground his hand appears enormous and particularly ominous since it's clenched. And the little blond girl looking up at him while covering her face? I don't know. It just wasn't a good choice, is what I am saying, people.

Second, I found a book with the weirdly whimsical title Metric Milk Shakes and Witches' Cakes. Umm, what? No, sadly, it's not a textbook for paranormal culinary skills, it's just a book that encourages primary school teachers to include cooking in their curriculums. So kind of an odd topic, not very saleable. But. And there is a but. Check out this fantastic cover:

Needless to say, this book survived the Solid Waste Bin to live another dusty day on the shelves. Can you blame me??

Some of the parenting books terrify me with their outdated, conservative perspective. One book had a chapter about gender roles, in which the author stated that blurring gender roles leads to the destruction of societies. He cited Rome and Athens as examples.

And he didn't stop there. He also said boys needed to play sports to prepare them for WARFARE, which is why the only sport in which girls exceed boys is swimming. Why? Do I really need to spell it out for you? Because swimming has nothing to do with hunting or warfare, of course.

That book was thrown OUT. I threw it very hard.

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