Friday, April 16, 2010

Tales From The Used Book Store

Some things you should know:

1. I'm writing this FROM Otter Creek Used Books. That's right, they let me behind the desk!

2. There are customers in the store. Eep!

3. I have an *awesome* book I found in the self help section yesterday afternoon that I can't WAIT to share with you. But for now it must wait because I am too nervous about the cash register to focus properly

4. Why do people call used book stores to ask if they have a particular book? I suppose some modern stores have an electronic inventory but do people expect that to be the case? I'm just curious. My own love for used book stores stems from the excitement of the search. Even in the most organized and tidy of stores it's chaos. You never know what might be on the next shelf or what wonderful book you might stumble upon. Any thoughts from others on this?

5. It is Friday for reals this time.

That is all! Check back later or follow my tweets to find out if I have to sumo wrestle the register into submission and if I can coax the store ghost into keeping me company.


  1. I always figure, if you're going to a used book store, or searching through them to find a particular book, you have to start with the idea that it will involve a lot of time checking each and every book (at least in one or two sections/genres). That's the fun of it. No easy road by calling ahead and asking them to check.

    I think a lot (some? there are far too few independent and used bookstores in HI) of used book stores only keep a very basic idea of what books they have, little more than 'We get way too much of X series,' maybe 'and never enough of series Y.'

    I hope your day went well at Otter Creek Books. It's not even 2 yet here, but your day is probably done or close to it. Now that it is the weekend--for real real, not for play play--have fun writing, or any others plans you have. I'll beat up the Universe for you if it starts to get uppity again.

  2. Aww thanks for offering to beat up the Universe! Though I suppose the Universe probably doesn't take kindly to bullying ; ) I've resorted to asking it very nicely to go easy on me.

    I completely agree with you about used book stores. Embrace the adventure, people! Get lost in the stacks for an hour or so.