Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tales From the Used Book Store

Reader, this week is not "my week." Everything I touch has been going sour, or breaking, or running away, or insert-another-metaphor-here. It's so bad that I (accidentally) just tried to make it Friday on twitter, but unfortunately it doesn't work that way.

Apparently the sun has something to say about that. Oh please. Sun, why don't you get a facebook page and a twitter account and THEN try to act all relevant. K, Thanks.

Am I right, Reader? Yeah I know. I'm totally right.

The fact that this week is cursed wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't taking over at Otter Creek Used Books tomorrow. For the first time. I really hope I don't mess anything up too badly. Curt keeps saying, "What could go wrong?" Um, must you ask.

Pray for me.

So in an attempt at humor, I wanted to share some books I found yesterday at the store that made me laugh.

1. Most Unconvincing Dedication:
It reads, "Bill, hope you survive. Ken."

Someone doesn't have high hopes for Bill (hint: IT'S KEN.) I think it's safe to assume that Ken was "smart" enough not to attempt to get a doctorate degree. Believe me when I say that the ink had the faint smell of jealousy even after all these years.

2. Most Inappropriate Title for The Subject Matter:

This book is about college students. Methinks that declaring dreams and heroes DEAD was ever so slightly over dramatic. And who were the heroes exactly? The students of old? Their professors? Wait, am I expressing some interest in this book? Hmm maybe the title wasn't so bad after all.

Lesson: over dramatic titles sell. Oh, like we didn't know that already.

3. Most Stressful Title About Stress:

If the stress in your life doesn't kill you, this book cover definitely will.


  1. Are these books real? Holy cow, I feel like I need to go exploring in the Northfield bookstores now!

  2. Oh yes, these books are completely real. That's what's so great about used book stores. They're like treasure chests waiting to be discovered.