Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tales From the Used Book Store

I'm not having a good day. Unfortunately, it hasn't been a bad day in a way that I think would be entertaining to recount. Mostly it involved migraines and rain and a little bad news. Very mundane in its badness, which is hugely disappointing. It would be nice if it had at least been epic or tragic or DRAMATIC in its badness.

But no, it's just an average rainy, lonely, bad day.

Thank goodness I found a funny book cover to cheer me up. I haven't found many this week because I've still been in the cookbook section. Why? Because--and this is rather funny--as soon as I declared the cookbooks perfectly organized, we got several more boxes of cookbooks in.

No, I did not cry. I did sit and stare for a while, trying to figure out where the new books would go. I'm sure this is good for building character or helping me with my control issues or something like that.

Luckily one of the books turned out to have the most unappetizing cookbook cover I've ever encountered:
I think this cover was supposed to invoke a Summer of Love 60's vibe (Note the whimsical top hat, the sprig of lilacs and the open field)--needless to say the copyright is from 1969.

But someone must have been high when they decided to pose this woman hugging a bunch of raw chicken breasts.

When I showed this to Barbara, the owner of Otter Creek Used Books, she said, "It's like hugging Salmonella." To which I really have nothing else to add except some hand sanitizer. *shudder*

The cookbook is entitled Alice's Restaurant, the women hugging the carcasses being Alice herself. And apparently there was a whole song and even a movie about this...or something. Check out the trailer and see for yourself.

Doesn't that just make you want to skip through a field with flowers in your hair and some raw meat clutched to your chest?

Aaaand I've just figured out how to cheer myself up!


  1. I think I had a moment when I saw that cover and my brain didn't want to acknowledge what she was holding. Then I realized, "It's an armload of chicken, with what appears to be one giant bone sticking out from under her (facing us) right arm.

    I don't know if I want to see a video about that. @_@

  2. LOL! Yes, thank you for pointing out the (charming? rustic? what response is this supposed to invoke?) giant bone in her arms.