Monday, October 4, 2010

Harper's Bizarre

My incredibly well-read Nana recently sent me some books and magazines. Apparently along with New York Times bestsellers, Nana reads Harper's Bazaar.

It's a strange magazine, full of socialites and ludicrously expensive clothing. I'm used to "Deals under $100" whereas this magazine boasts "Deals Under $500." Does that even count as a deal?

My favorite article was by Anne Monoky and focused on a woman named Shala Monroque. You can read the entire article online, but here's how it begins (all parenthetical asides are my own commentary):

"I don't have a high threshold for pain," jokes Shala Monroque. No, the slender 31-year-old (thank God she's slender since she's so OLD) isn't speaking about exercising (how barbaric) or medical procedures; she is talking about (--wait for it--) her heels. "I have to have comfortable shoes," she insists. Her preference? (Sneakers? Crocs? Uggs?? The suspense is killing me!!) Well, Monroque hasn't been named the proverbial queen of the kitten heel for nothing.

(OH! I knew her named sounded familiar. If they had just referred to her as Her Kitten Highheelness, I would have known right away.)

"In fact, (Brace yourself. Here, the article goes all in with a BIG revelation...) the striking St. Lucian has been wearing the barely there heel for several seasons now, long before they were deemed in style again for fall.

(I know, right??? This woman has been walking around in kitten heels when they weren't considered to be a trendy style!! Of course, I'm not the only one who was BLOWN AWAY but her fashion foresight...)

"Such daring decisions have grabbed the attention and admiration of the fashion world, gradually landing Monroque on the It-girl map."

Let's just absorb that for a moment. Harper's is writing about this woman because of her "daring decision" to wear a kitten heel when it wasn't strictly trendy?

Talk about a risk taker.

I'm sure this article was written in all seriousness but I found it hilarious. Thanks, Harper's, for the laugh.


  1. o.m.g.

    i might have to make you annotate all my news from now on.