Monday, November 1, 2010

Day of the Dead

Hello, all. I was all set to write a frantic post about NaNoWriMo starting today. I was going to tell you how I'm anxious and full of doubt and absolutely terrified to throw myself into a new novel after revising my current one for so very long.I woke up sick to my stomach and my head jangling with worry.

But then, I read Terri Windling's blog and she reminded me that today is The Day of the Dead. Yesterday, the way my husband and I celebrated Halloween was with a long (accidentally long, in fact), rambling and very muddy walk in the woods and fields. The tall grass was bleached silvery white, dried up seed pods shimmered silver, and here and there was still some pale green, some hammered gold. The sky over our heads was heavy with cold and the wind tasted like Winter.

And it was beautiful. Stark and searing. When we passed a bush with little white berries and red branches, we had to stop and stare at the colors. Every year I resist November and the coming of Winter. And every year I am reminded of how beautiful it is, how full of quiet wonder.

So please read Terri's post. Her words will also fill you with quiet wonder as she reminds us all about the beauty of the world and of life and of making art.

"...and do not waste time." ~Michelangelo

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