Monday, November 1, 2010

NaNoWriMo: Ready? (No!) Set? (No!!)...Go! (Oh sh*t)

All right, Reader. Now is the time. The time I stop making excuses. Stop being scared. Stop judging my writing before I can get a story down on paper. I have a very limited idea of the plot at the moment and the working title Heartwood.

It should be noted that I've already fallen short of one NaNo promise: I had planned to drive up to The Flying Pig Bookstore for a kickoff write-in. However, I have a sick laptop and while the co-owner and fellow NaNo participant Elizabeth offered to bring me a spare to borrow (how nice is that!?), I couldn't confirm that she had remembered because the NaNoWriMo site has been down all evening. So rather than drive an hour just to possibly write by hand (very demoralizing), I thought I'd better stay home. Hate to start off on a sour note of empty promises, but there it is.

Now, with tea in hand, it's time to bid you good night and write like my life depended on it (and not just my pride!). I'll be keeping you posted on my progress, if for no other reason than to shame myself into writing as fast as my weak little wrists will allow!

Onward, stubby fingers!

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