Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Of Monsters and Ministries

Lucky for me, my twin sister has a direct line to All Things Awesome. Don't ask me how she managed it or why I didn't get a piece of that. It's just a fact.

Today she sent me a link to this absolutely-explode-your-brain amazing shop in London. The shop is called Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.It sells, as you might expect, supplies for monsters. There's tinned Collywobbles, Zombie Fresh Mints (to throw unsuspecting humans off the scent, perhaps?), and even some good Old Fashioned Brain Jam, which is really hard to find these days.While squee-worthy on its own, this store also hides a nonprofit writing center called...The Ministry of Stories!


And how, you, Gentle Reader, might ask, does one access The Ministry of Stories?

Why, with a password, of course.

I know.